Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.


Agnes E. Dominguez-Mejia, μΣΦ '77

Simple, well-organized and friendly -- these are just few of the bountiful words that Dra. Agnes used to describe herself. Certainly, she really is.

Dra. Agnes Espinosa Dominquez-Mejia belonged to a family whose almost all members are into the medical career – her mother and two other siblings are dentists, one of her elder sisters is also a doctor specializing in Internal Medicine particularly hematology (Dra. Cynthia), while her father, on the other hand, graduated from commerce. Indeed, Dra. Agnes could say that her family is a major influence why she took up medicine; Dra. Agnes chose Internal medicine specializing in Nephrology because, for her, it encompasses the most of Internal Medicine. But In her early years, Dra. Agnes wanted to become a teacher -- in fact, if she isn’t a doctor right now, she is probably a teacher.

Every day, no matter how busy she might be, she always makes sure that she gives time for her family. She has a husband named Jimmy, an engineer, and three children namely, Olivia (from batch 2010), Christina (from batch 2012) and Jaime Immanuel (UPIS). During their free time, they usually go out together to watch a movie. According to Dra. Agnes, Mondays and Tuesdays are PGH days. Wednesdays, she’s in Philippine Heart Center. Thursday mornings in PGH, and afternoons in Philippine Heart Center. Fridays are her day-off, then Saturdays back to her clinic and at last, Sundays are devoted to staying home with her family. Busy as she may seem, if she has spare time, she spends it reading easy books or having a walk (usually about once or twice a week).

Her dedication in being a mother is seen with her decision to cut down connections with different societies. For her, she would remove activities or distance herself from societies if these could get her time from home and from her family. Truly as her daughter Olivia would say, it is still the family that always comes first despite the demands of work. However, she thought that she can be a teacher and a doctor at the same time, so why not take up Medicine. Thus, years after graduation and after practicing her chosen field, she went back to the Philippines and became part of the UP College of Medicine faculty. Now, Dra. Agnes is the Dean of UP College of Medicine and is the Former Chair of the Department of Medicine in Philippine General Hospital.

Dra. Agnes’ dedication in being a mother doesn’t make her less of a good doctor. For her students, Dra. Agnes taught them to do a very meticulous history taking, the art of asking questions, discipline in documentation, organization of data, and time management. Nevertheless, Dra. Agnes paying attention to details, doing good history taking would definitely help doctors come up with a good diagnosis. For her, the most challenging part of being a doctor is being in the General Medicine Service of PGH and teaching students to extract history. With all these truly, Dra. Agnes wants to live up the UPCM’s Vision of having a community of scholars highly competent in the field of medicine.