Mu Sigma Phi Sorority


A strong bond that has existed for more than seven decades, the ties of sisterhood that exist among the sisters of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority go beyond the vicissitudes of life through the passage of time. Within each sister who is welcomed to the fold is a burning commitment to forge in the indescribable spirit of familial camaraderie. Amidst the changing times, our bond of sisterhood remains strong. From one Mu sister to another, the recognition of this connection is almost instinctual - something each is bound to nurture, protect, and love. Indeed we are sisters, neither by blood nor by affiliation, but by choice. Be it mirth, be it strife, this choice shall remain steadfast for as long as the world endures - and beyond.


The life of a physician is undeniably a life of service. Our Sorority greatly understands that, ultimately, doctors shall be called to heed their social responsibilities by sharing the fruits of their labor to the underserved. To render service is to reaffirm the purest nature of medicine, that of the commitment to preserve life and to prepare it for the inevitability of death. For a doctor would greatly serve her patients by allowing them to come full circle, armed with a grateful heart and a comforted soul.


Academic excellence is without truth if not coupled with integrity and honor. This remains one of the most important principles upheld by our Sorority. It recognizes the duty of its members, both medical students and physicians, to live a life dedicated to constant and rigorous learning and hard work. Our Sorority also recognizes the nobility of the medical profession – an appreciation that requires its members to give their very best in scholastic activities. A Mu Sis knows that a scholarly attitude is a significant ingredient in being the best doctor she can be. For only in excellence can doctors truly become worthy of their titles.


The persona of a good physician encompasses a multitude of roles she plays in society, an important part of which is being a competent leader. Mu believes that every person has the capacity to lead – an ability to inspire and motivate people to reach their goals. Our Sorority regards leadership as a craft that needs to be perfected; thus many opportunities are given to its members to ascertain that this role will be adequately portrayed. Honesty, trustworthiness, and most of all, a sense of responsibility, are values that are constantly emphasized and taught. It is with this kind of training that, on its 75th year, our Sorority boasts of a rich heritage of leadership found in the different fields of medicine; of remarkable lady doctors who have “gone instead where there is no path, and left their trail.”

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.