Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.


Annual Activities

Talks/Symposia • OSCE Reviews • Brainstorm • Excellence, Knowledge, Genius (EKG)

Prominent Sisses

The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority takes pride in its members who have excelled in their own fields and made a mark in Philippine medical history.


MSPS Opens the Scholarship Week

By Jen Chavez, µƩɸ '15 • 29 April 2012

With colorful hot air balloons and giant books adorning the UPCM grounds, everyone that passes knew the time had come once again for the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority to showcase their skills and celebrate their scholastic and sporting achievements with this year’s Scholarship Week.

Excellence. Knowledge. Genius. 2012

By Pamela Bayona, Class 2016 • 3 April 2012

UP Intarmed was all smiles as they posed with their championship trophy in the recent Excellence Knowledge Genius (EKG) 2012 Quiz Show of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority, held last March 7, Wednesday, at the BSLR-East, UP College of Medicine.

Congratulations, UPCM Class 2017!

By µƩɸ • 8 March 2012

The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority congratulates all the applicants qualified for admission into the UP College of Medicine's five-year Medicine program (LU III) for Academic Year 2012-2013. Here is the official list from the Office of Admissions of the UP College of Medicine.

MSP Conducts First-ever Neuroanatomy Lecture and Laboratory Review

By Mel Caraan, µƩɸ '15 • 20 October 2011

Robert Frost once said that the brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.  For medical students, brain is more than a wonderful organ that is vital to our existence.  It is a subject matter, together with the spinal cord and the nerves that comprise our body that needs much focus and dedication to study.

Sis Awardees for August 2011

By Emma Magbitang & Lea Labayen, µƩɸ '15 • 14 October 2011

Recently, sisses, both alumna and undergraduates alike, have been awarded for their boundless social contributions, most notably in the field of education. This is a testament to the undying dedication of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority to one of its four pillars, Scholarship. They serve as an inspiration not only to the Sorority but to the rest of society as well. Congratulations, sisses! AFTG!