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Medico Media 2017

By µΣΦ • 11 March 2017

The morning of March 11, 2017 marked the launching of Medico Media: A Health Media Literacy Workshop for Junior High School Students at Rizal High School, Pasig City. The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority together with Out of the Box, a youth advocacy initiative forwarding media literacy, conducted a half-day workshop aimed to develop the skills of junior high school students on the critical and responsible use of media, especially the health-related ones. Medico Media was attended by over forty junior high school students of Rizal High School with the cooperation of some of their teachers. It was hosted by Sis Alexis Dinopol µΣΦ 2020. The program started with an opening remarks by Sis Aya Escandor µΣΦ 2019, co-head of Medico Media. It was followed by a talk on Introduction to Media Literacy by Mr. Marlon Julian Nombrado, co-founder of Out of the Box. A second talk by Sis Faye Samadan-Cagayan µΣΦ 1993 tackled the Effects of Media on the Health Behavior of Millennials. All participating students were then divided into smaller groups for the breakout session facilitated by Sis Faye Samadan-Cagayan µΣΦ 1993 and Sis Aya Escandor µΣΦ 2019. This was followed by a workshop on Creating Media by Mr. Marlon Julian Nombrado. The program was capped off with the awarding of certificates and tokens to the speakers and the partner school and was formally ended with a closing remarks by Sis Neefa Macapado µΣΦ 2020, co-head of Medico Media.