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OS 201: Metabolism Review

By µΣΦ • 14 January 2018

True to the pillar of Scholarship, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority held an OS 201 lecture-type review last October 13, 2017 at Buenafe Hall for the LU3 students in preparation for their exam on Metabolism. Members of the Fraternity and Sorority, namely Sisses Anne Asis µΣΦ 2019 and Ajina Carampel µΣΦ 2020, and Brods Aedi Abrilla MΣΦ 2019, Joker Asis MΣΦ 2020, and Ted Campo MΣΦ 2020, were able to shed some light unto the trickier (but not impossible) subtopics under one of the most difficult exams in Biochemistry for the attendees to hopefully better comprehend and supplement their lectures in OS 201. Thank you to all the Brods and Sisses who shared their knowledge and time for this review. Thank you to all the LU3 students who attended. 'Til the next review. AFTG!