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The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
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Doctors And Friends Model For A Cause

By µƩɸ • 6 September 2009

Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 6, 2009
By Alex Vergara (Photo by Chito Vecina)

IT’S NEVER too late, it seems, to shift careers.

The country’s leading doctors shared the stage last week with some of the industry’s top models and media personalities in a fashion show at the NBC Tent dubbed as “Brilyante: The Empowered Woman.” Judging from the crowd’s lusty cheers, the doctors, including a group of men led by lawyer and opposition stalwart Adel Tamano, easily edged out top mannequins such as Marina Benipayo, Isabel Roces, Melissa Frey, Ana Sideco, Valerie de los Santos, and Ornusa Cadness.

The event also marked the 75th anniversary of the Mu Sigma Phi sorority of the University of the Philippines’ College of Medicine. Proceeds from the dinner show went to the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (Cecap), an advocacy group that promotes awareness about prevention and treatment of cervical cancer as well as other forms of cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV).

It was a celebration of beauty and triumph over disease, as designers JM Goulbourn, Rhett Eala, Randy Ortiz, Jun Escario, OJ Hofer and Philip Rodriguez, among others, dressed up not only doctors and models, but also a number of cancer survivors.

According to a pre-show video presentation, cervical cancer is only next to breast cancer as the leading cause of death among women in the Philippines. Of the 6,000 Filipino women diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, more than half of them die within the next five years.
But HPV and its lethal aftermath should concern men as well. Apart from cervical and vaginal cancer, HPV also causes anal cancer and genital warts in both men and women.

To lend more urgency to their campaign, people behind Cecap sought the services of such visible endorsers as Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Tamano. They later graced the catwalk in their respective segments with TV personality Angel Jacob and trade ambassador Mela Bengzon.

The fashion show was divided into several color-coordinated portions, as designers drew inspiration from colors, shapes and textures found in the environment.
Women doctors, majority of who are members of Mu Sigma Phi, ruled the stage. But their male counterparts also had the chance to shine in Silk Cocoon’s conventional as well as avant-garde barongs by Goulbourn.

The boyish-looking Tamano, who had his share of female fans in the crowd, led the pack, which included an octogenarian who gave colleagues half his age a run for their money. For one night, the country’s brilliant and hardworking doctors let their hair down and poked fun at themselves, all for a worthy cause.