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TEEN 2017

By µΣΦ • 30 April 2017

Last April 30 2017, the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority held TEENAGE HEALTH EDUCATION FOR AN EMPOWERED NATION (T.E.E.N) for the very first time as part of the Mu Health Caravan, a Service month event, at the Caritas Office, Paco, Manila. Partnering with Caritas Manila, it catered to adolescent women, mostly college students, who are members of different parishes across the city. The event, hosted by Sis Alexis Dinopol µΣΦ 2020, began with an opening prayer led by Sis Pauline Olpoc µΣΦ 2020. This was followed by opening remarks delivered by Sis Anne Asis µΣΦ 2019 who gave a brief background on the organization and objectives of the Mu Health Caravan. The event was lively hosted by who introduced the speakers Sis Bootsie Ruaro, Sis Cynthia, and Sis Aya. The first lecture of the day, entitled “Oops! Teka lang” by Sis Bootsie David-Ruaro µΣΦ 1976 of H.E.A.L., informed the young women about the must-knows of teenage pregnancy and the possible perils of becoming an early mother when not ready. Her second lecture aptly called “Ang Pagdadalaga”, on the other hand, explained the more familiar process of female puberty, describing the secondary changes that are experienced by adolescents, as well as proper health care suitable for the age group. Questions from the audience were also accommodated in order to clarify common misconceptions regarding puberty. The next lecture given by Sis Cynthia Cuayo-Juico µΣΦ 1976 delved into the dangers of sexually-transmitted diseases, the different contraceptive methods, and the importance of mental health among teenagers. The audience was then divided into groups in order to synthesize what they learned via small group discussions facilitated by members of the sorority. This was followed by a game called “Paint Me a Picture” wherein the ladies had to portray different scenes illustrating the effects of common issues faced by teenagers such as bullying, video game addiction, and excessive alcohol drinking. The last lecture delivered by Sis Aya Escandor µΣΦ 2019, discussed the proper nutrition for teenagers and easy health indicators such as BMI. This was further emphasized through a game called “Maria Went to the Market” wherein each group had to plan meals for the whole day, selecting from the options given to them with the aim of creating a balanced diet with the appropriate caloric intake per day. The program ended with a message from our partner Caritas Manila. T.E.EN. was able to successfully convey the right information regarding health in its physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects, as a means of hopefully empowering young women in making informed and responsible choices for themselves and their peers.