Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.


Annual Activities

KaMUstahan  Freshmen Dine Out  GenMeets • Fiesta at the Hut  Club Med  Induction Ball  Tao Rin Pala (TRP) performance • Siszle • UP Medical Alumni Society (UPMAS) Homecoming • Sis Day • Intern's Party • Commitment Rites and Initiation


Solita F. Camara–Besa, µ∑Φ 1938

By Reinzi Bautista, µƩɸ '13 • 31 January 2011

Fifteen ladies stood outside, throats cleared and music sheets on hand, ready to sing as was the tradition of many in the cool December season. We were invited in, and we took in the wonderful atmosphere of the home which had now seemed miles away from the chaos outside. We were told that Dr. Solita Camara-Besa, µ∑Φ ’38, would be seeing us in a while, just having arrived from a previous engagement.

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