Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.


Acquaintance Party 2017

By µΣΦ • 27 January 2017

Last January 27, 2017, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority held its annual Acquaintance Party at the Astral Tower Roof Deck to meet the newest batch of brods and the applicants of the sorority. The event was hosted by Jolo Ramos MΣΦ ’20 and Alexis Dinopol μΣΦ’20. The evening kicked off with opening remarks from Bits Pascual μΣΦ ’19 and Migs Yu MΣΦ ’19, followed by an ice-breaker card game with Ven Ponce μΣΦ ’20 as game master. This was followed by a wonderful audio visual presentation and lively song and dance number by the Class 2021 applicants. Next, the newest brods of Batch 2021 were introduced by Jen Montemayor MΣΦ ’21 and Paul Perez MΣΦ ’21, after which they performed a dance number that enthralled the crowd. Alumnae sisses in attendance were Patreng Nacianceno μΣΦ ’15, Karen Abalos μΣΦ ’14, Karen Flores μΣΦ ’14, Meg De Rivera μΣΦ ’14, Tin Hernandez μΣΦ ’14, Cheska Visperas μΣΦ ’13 and Joie Cañal μΣΦ ’95. Truly, it was a night to remember as the brods and sisses got to unwind, mingle and dance the night away. All for the glory!