Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.


Avalon: Batch 2020 Induction Rites

By • 3 January 2017

The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority welcomes into its arms the 82nd batch of Mu sisses, μΣΦ Batch 2020, last October 22, 2016, at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant, Intramuros. These 18 girls are: Ajina Cabangon Carampel Danielle Jann Manio Concepcion Nathalea Ventura De Leon Janine Marriah Gayosa Dela Cruz Christine Alexis Sicop Dinopol Maria Emilia Ruth Valdez Eusebio Jem Marie Patalingjug Golbin Sondra Monina Sison Lim Allyna-Haneefa Acraman Macapado Paula Angela Nazarea Marfori Levynce Quisora Nonog Pauline Cleo Adal Olpoc Ysabella Veniece Jimenez Ponce Mariale Yasmin Andayan Salces Ana Denise Villaflor Sison Karol Ina Guevara Tablante Patricia Nadine Tumaneng Villanueva (ABL) Frances Evangeline Santos Vista (BL) Our newest sisses, standing proud alongside the brods of Batch 2020, "Kingsmen" (representing the noble congregation of knights of the round table), truly are "Adamantine" in their brilliance, dedication, and blinding glory as they join the ranks of the first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia. Through the solemn Induction Rites, these ladies have sworn to live by the Sorority's ideals of Sisterhood, Service, Scholarship, and Leadership, joined by sisses from different generations, and all walks of life. This was followed by the induction of the 81st Executive Committee of the Sorority. We thank our alumnae sisses who joined us, especially the Ninangs of our inductees: Lorelei Legaspi-Chavez μΣΦ 2000 Ma. Concepcion Castillo-Sison μΣΦ 1996, proxied by Ma. Victoria Ang-San Pedro μΣΦ 1981 Carolyn Zalameda-Castro μΣΦ 2000, proxied by Karen Therese Abalos μΣΦ 2014 Ma. Florentina Fajardo-Gomez μΣΦ 1993 Sybil Lizanne Reyes-Bravo μΣΦ 1997, proxied by Dominique Joyce Concepcion μΣΦ 2016 Dolores Bonzon μΣΦ 1980 Lourna Leah Velasco-Victorio μΣΦ 2002 Mary Rose Pe-Yan μΣΦ 1992 Ma. Stephanie Fay Samadan-Cagayan μΣΦ 1993 Lilibeth Genuino μΣΦ 1987 Jean Anne Toral μΣΦ 1994 Regina Pascua-Berba μΣΦ 1987 Teresa Luisa Gloria-Cruz μΣΦ 1992 Marie Judith Valdez-Eusebio μΣΦ 1984, proxied by Florida Luis-Mariano μΣΦ 1980 Maria Rowena Del Rosario-Raymundo 1989, proxied by Johanna Adevoso-Cañal 1995 Agnes Dominguez-Mejia 1977 Salvacion Rodriguez-Gatchalian 1977 Elizabeth Salazar-Montemayor 1980 Congratulations to our inductees, and thank you to all our sisses and brods who attended! All for the Glory, sisses!