Mu Sigma Phi Sorority

The first medical sorority in the Philippines and in Asia.
An unbroken line of over a thousand lady doctors from the University of the Philippines Manila.


KaMUstahan 2017

By µΣΦ • 14 January 2018

Living its glorious legacy, the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority held KaMUstahan 2017, a Grand Orientation for the women of Class 2022 on the evening of September 21, 2017 at the City Garden Suites, Manila. The fascinating evening was filled with Sisses across different batches reminiscing fond memories together and sharing enthralling speeches to the audience. The program was officially opened by Sis Janine Dela Cruz μΣΦ 2020, Senior Guardian of the Temple, who delivered her welcoming remarks to the Sisses and ladies of Class 2022. Alumnae sisses who were present that evening were also briefly introduced by Sis Nala De Leon μΣΦ 2020. Proceeding to the highlight of the evening -- the introduction of the Four Pillars of the Sorority, masters of ceremonies Sis Trina Trio-Ranche μΣΦ 2004 and Sis Cheeka Quema μΣΦ 2019, called on the first speaker of the evening. Truly a woman exemplar of the Pillar of Leadership and no less than 50 years in the practice of medicine and public service beneath her belt, former DSWD and DOH Secretary Sis Esperanza Icasas-Cabral μΣΦ 1968, delivered her speech via Q&A, where she narrated her experiences as a public servant and the courage and principles it took to accept such heavy responsibilities with the government. The all-time favorite Pillar of Sisterhood was then explained by members of the "Zilver Zizzes" of Batch 1992, Sis Alnette Tan μΣΦ 1992 and Sis Tech Gloria-Cruz μΣΦ 1992, who both deviated from the serious tone and decided to showcase 30 years of sisterhood in a comedic yet memorable manner whilst including a short message from the rest of their batch, filmed all the way from their previous trip in Alaska. After everyone partook of the sumptuous dinner, a quick video message by the Sorority's Consultant adviser Sis Joie Cañal μΣΦ 1995, was shown. The Pillar of Scholarship was then materialized through the speech of Sis Monica Reyes μΣΦ 2013, a keen and awarded researcher in the field of Infectious Disease. Last but not the least, the Pillar of Service, the inevitable task and self-denying component of the Sorority, was expressed through the stirring message of Sis Patricia Cielo μΣΦ 2012, founder of the HEAL Project of the Sorority. Sisses from Batch 2021 later serenaded the audience with a song called "I'll Be There For You" of Friends Sitcom-fame. The evening was finally capped off with closing remarks from Sis Ria Imperial μΣΦ 2018, the Most Exalted Sister. The Mu Sigma Phi Sorority would like to thank the women of Class 2022 and to all our alumnae Sisses, Sis Fides Buenafe μΣΦ 2012, Sis Miko Liquete μΣΦ 2012, Sis Cla Sobrio μΣΦ 2012, Sis Janine Quijano-Barcelona μΣΦ 2012, Sis Via Alip μΣΦ 2013, Sis Nikki Espiritu μΣΦ 2013,Sis Joyce Tan μΣΦ 2013, Sis Tin Hernandez μΣΦ 2014, Sis Zie Versoza μΣΦ 2014,Sis Patreng Nacianceno μΣΦ 2015, Sis Larie Aggabao μΣΦ 2017, Sis Mish de la Cruz μΣΦ 2017, Sis Thea Hilomen μΣΦ 2017,Sis Micah Masbad μΣΦ 2017, Sis Nikki Ramos μΣΦ 2017, Sis Jess Rosete μΣΦ 2017, and Sis Mika Soller μΣΦ 2017, for sharing this memorable and enchanting evening with us! All for the Glory!